Events 2020

So glad to announce two upcoming events at the School…!!!

1) ‘Meraki’ – A Fun Carnival at the School on Saturday, November 11, 2017

2) ASFA 2017 Events : Dates for ASFA this year are again- Saturday and Sunday, December 9 & 10.. However, to add to the celebrations, the School shall organize its Annual Sports Day(s) on December 7 & 8. December 7 shall be the Sports preliminaries of the School. December 8, shall begin with the finals in various disciplines of School Children. This shall be followed by the Sports events for the Alumnus of the School, including that in Athletics and much more. Details to be announced in the coming weeks… Suggestions invited..

ASFA Events 2015!!

Friends! That time of the year yet again!! Glad to announce the dates for Events 2015! Annual Sports Gala: “ASFA Premier League” Season VII : Dec 12-13. Annual Reunion: Saturday, Dec 19
Sports Registrations to open mid August!! Reunion registrations,thereafter..! And of course, events like these require sponsorships! Event/Reunion Sponsorships welcome (and solicited)!!Looking forward to seeing you all again!!

::::ASFA 2013 Schedule  :::: Events 2013!!

After a tremendous, truly incredible, ASFA Premier League last year, with participation of 14 teams, 160+ players, across alumnus of last three decades… here are the dates for Events 2013!!

APL 2013:: Weekend, December 20 – 22 !! Annual Reunion:: Saturday, December 28th & ALSO celebrating 25th anniversary of the Batch of 1988…!!

Mark these dates in your calendars NOW!! Registrations to open in the next few weeks!! Stay tuned!! Events: 2013!! ASFA Premier League T10 Cricket (Season V), Reunion, Basketball, Throwball, Badminton (Women & Men)!!

:::::ASFA 2012 Schedule  ::::

ASFA Premier League : Cricket : December 20, 21,22 & 23 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Indoor : Badminton and Table Tennis : MID May 2011

Outdoor: Football, Athletics, Throwball etc : July 9-10 and 23-24

Annual Reunion 2011: Friday, December 23

ASFA Premier League: Cricket : December 23,24 & 25 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)



Indoor : Badminton and Table Tennis : MID May 2011

Outdoor: Football, Athletics, Throwball etc : July 9-10 and 23-24

Annual Reunion 2011: Friday, December 23

ASFA Premier League: Cricket : December 23,24 & 25 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

:::::ASFA Cup 2010 Cricket Schedule  ::::DATES DECEMBER 17,18 & 19::::

ASFA Sports 2010. December 17,18 & 19

ASFA Sports 2010::: Planned events, T10 Cricket & Basketball. Throwball for the girls & 3 legged race as fun games.

Event Details:
Cricket:::9 Teams. 10 overs a side, 11 players per team. Those who participated last year, would recall, that we had to close sports registrations a few days earlier, as the draw and the time… available permitted only 9 teams. To accomodate more alumni, we increased the team size to allow 11 players this time and also increase playing area accordingly. For those who could not attend last year, do visit ASFA website or the photogallery on Facebook, to get a feel of the event.

Venue : APJ School grounds, Sector 15, Faridabad.
Dates: December 17, 18 & 19,(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

This year it is going to be even bigger than last year. DO NOT MISS OUT!! Ensure that you get your teams together and send to any of us or to our Cricket Coordinators Sarang Sood (9810952805) or Ashish Dhingra (99100-43210) for information, until registrations open shortly!! Please note, NO cash prize/money offered on any event. Trophies etc to be given for select events.Of course, any or all events, draws, rules etc in part or in toto could change without any prior intimation.

Throwball:::———For females only. Please feel free to contact Priyanka Puri (9811174661) to know more details.

Basketball::: ———-Send the names of the teams to us and we will post the teams on FB/ASFA site accordingly.

Fun Games::: ( 3 legged race)———More details on 3 legged race coming soon…

Looking forward to a successful, n fun filled ASFA Sports 2010!!


Registrations for T-10 CRICKET OPEN!!! Please contact Sarang Sood (9810952805) for registrations. Time available/ draw permits only 9 teams on first come- first serve basis!!

Registration Charges :::

Registration Charges (per individual participant) towards each/any Sporting event : Rs 500/-

Registration Charges (SPORTS & REUNION COMBINED):::::

Registration Charges (per individual participant) towards each/ any of the Sporting events INCLUDING individual registration for the Reunion on December 25,2010: Rs 700/-

Final ASFA Cup 2009 Cricket Schedule

Group A
Team 1 : Sarang Sood (Prithvvi Estates)
Team 2 : AMit Gupta (ACC)
Team 3 : Gaurav Bambi (BMW/ Bird Automotive)

Group B
Team 4 : Suyash Gupta (Moksh)
Team 5 : Uday Sood (Rexor)
Team 6 : Prithvvi Taneja (Allied Services)

Group C
Team 7 : Arjun Singh (Budget Hut)
Team 8 : Firoz Malik ( SR Foils)
Team 9 : Vaibhav Bhatia (Richa Industries)

Friday , December 18, 2009

2.30 pm – 4 pm : Team 4 Vs Team 6

5 pm – 6.30 pm : Team 7 Vs Team 9

6.30 pm – 8 pm : Team 1 Vs Team 2

8.30 pm – 10 pm : Team 4 Vs Team 5
Saturday, December 19, 2009

10.00 am – 11.30 am : Team 5 Vs Team 6

11.30 pm – 1 pm : Team 2 Vs Team 3

1.30 pm – 3 pm : Team 8 Vs Team 9

3 pm – 4.30 pm : Team 7 Vs Team 8

5 pm – 6.30 pm : Team 1 Vs Team 3

7 pm – 8.30 pm :  Winners Group B Vs Winners Group C

8.30 pm – 10 pm :  Winners Group A Vs Winners Group B
Sunday, December 20, 2009

9.30 am – 11.00 am : Winners Group C Vs Winners Group A

11.00 am – 1.00 pm : FINALS


Rules. Cricket ::::

1) No LBW Decisions
2) 6 Bowlers to be used compulsarily.
3) Free Hits on No Ball (Overstepping)
4) Maximum overs per Bowler : TWO
5) Play Attire : Whites
6) For any Cricket queries Contact Sarang Sood : 98109 52805
7) Teams to report at least 1 hour prior to the start of the match.
8) Family & friends invited as spectators, accompanied by team member.
9) ASFA reserves the right to modify any/all rule(s) at any time for the smooth conduct of the tournament.

Team 7
Team 1
Team 5
Hardik Jhanb Sarang Sood Uday Sood
Arjun Singh Kunal Bihani Puneet Sood
Rahat Uppal Harpreet Singh 06 Manoj Sood
Sagar Grover Himanshu Bhatia 06 Neeraj Kapil
Shreyas Suneja Puneet Sindhwani Nitin Chhabra
Akhil Suneja Arpit Chawla Anshul Chandra
Jayant Shekawat Hitesh Goyal Rahul Chandra
Navpreet Singh Ahuja Nitish Dewan Ajay Singh
all 2006 batch all others 03 batch
Team 6
Team 2
Team 9
Prithvvi Taneja Amit Gupta Vaibhav Bhatia
Ishan Nagu Shailendra Bohra Saurabh Khullar
Ashangh Grover Lalit Mahajan Shiv Khanna
Sameer Bhatnagar Ravi Nandwani Sumit Kumar
J S Taneja Ravi Khindria Rahul Juneja
Manav Gulati Aman Goenka Harsh Mittal
Karan Arneja Vishal Agarwal Anmol Jindal
Jasneet Arneja Sumit Bohra Rishi Agarwal
all 99 batch
Team 4
Team 3
Team 8
Shailesh Gupta Gaurav Bambi Firoz Malik
Amit Puri Kunal Prasad Gautam Saluja
Amit Bohra Harit Chakraborty Rahul Jain
Suyash Gupta Biswas Garg Raj Iyer
Vipul Khanna Vaibhav Gupta Arush Brar
Vikram Saluja Rohan Rana Ankur Jain
Dilip Ojha Vikas Bhatia Harit Chakraborty
Ashok Kaushik Raheja Angad Bajwa

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