Thanks for the overwhelming response to the All Batch Reunions in 2008, 09, 10,11 and 12 and the 3 day Sports Festivals, ASFA Sports & ASFA Premier Leagues in 2009,2010,2011 and 2012. Please do give your feedback about the events!! What should ASFA be doing??

Do post all your comments here (at the end of this page). It would help us plan our activities and events even better!!


It was simply spellbinding. Meeting all your friends after such a long time and knowing that they are well settled in life and are happy. There is no satisfaction more than that. Thanks Suyash and other organisors for bringing us that peace and harmony. Please keep it up and looking forward to meeting on regular basis.

– Rashmi (Sikka) Khetrapal on 13/01/2009

Brilliant Effort Guys! I am sure lot of people would have good memories of it. Regards, Puneet Aggarwal. (Follow me at

– Puneet Aggarwal on 16/01/2009

Grt job!

– Vridhi on 16/01/2009

Excellently should continue every let me know any effort to put in as it has to be a team effort to make it successful.

– madhur gupta on 16/01/2009

ASFA was a very refreshing experience. It spoke well of the tremendous effort made by you all. It was a humungus task to contact so many students and yet there was a huge gathering. The whole experience was touching and overwhelming. In short it was a fantabulous evening. Hope for many more!! Batch 94, Nanak

– Manreet Kaur on 17/01/2009

This was simply outstanding! Something we have been longing for years!, Batch 93, Kabir

– Subi Sethi on 17/01/2009

The reunion was an amazing experience. It was great to meet all the school friends and teachers after so long and that too in the school ground! It brought back the beautiful old memories. Overall it was a very well organized event. Congratulations to the organizers for all the effort and initiative! I hope that we keep on having such reunions every year from now and the number of alumni and teachers attending it keeps on spiraling upwards!

– Vridhi Chowdhry on 17/01/2009

Fantastic. Thanks to all my seniors and juniors who contributed with their efforts to make this event a great success.

– Navneet Chhibber on 19/01/2009

Reunion of all Apeejayites is a superb idea….wish I could have been there to see all the fun for myself, and meet all old pals !! great job and plz do continue this trend !!

– sonali auditto on 20/01/2009

Excellent Effort. We look forward for the next one. We need to focus on those batches where attendance was less than 10 and if possible have a representative for all those batches next time in organising team to ensure it becomes more meaningful ALL BATCH REUNION.

– Jeetender Gupta on 23/01/2009

Great to visit this website specially the Audio Video presentation. I was literally taken back to school days after seeing the same. I wish the ASFA to grow in future and want to personally help the organization. Congratulations once again ! Batch 83, Nanak , Ex-Indian Cricketer

– Vijay Yadav on 23/01/2009

Thats just one of the finest efforts by our school mates to reunite our memories. My salute to their endeavor! This will take us a long way in
contributing to our alma mater, and would help us in making our respect for it to be visualized.

– Deepak Yadav on 18/11/2009

“No canvas can absorb the colors as the memory do”. Well good old memories of the school time have gone through. Brilliant effort and appreciable on the part of those who have taken time out of their busy schedule to organize this. Thanks a TON!!

– YATIN MAALIK on 19/11/2009

What a tremendous effort this is. It feels nice to regroup and rejuvenate the old memories with old friends. the old school days memories are unforgettable and will always be there till the end of our journey in life and such an effort is just commendable, my special thanks to Mr. Suyash Gupta as, I always remember, he wanted this to happen way back, but…. better late than never….

– Amit Banerjee on 10/12/2009

i luv my skul…. i will never forget the moments of klass Xto XII……. especially my teachers…… shweta mam,katariasir….etc………

– faraz on 21/12/2009

Am from 99 Batch Just wanted to congratulate you guys for doing a wonderful work, happen to come across this site, good to see so many things happening.. Keep up the good work guys. Will try and make for the next alumni party as it’s a pleasure to meet your old classmates .

– Sonal Malhotra on 10/03/2010

Outstanding Effort!!Something we have been longing for years!, I was literally taken Down to the Memory Lane…….. school days. I wish the ASFA to grow in future leaps and bounds..Hope to regroup and rejuvenate the old memories with old friends with many more Reunions in times to come!!

– Manish Pradhan on 27/05/2010

Hi nice to know abt the group. anybody from 2000 batch? thanks suyash sir for all d effort u have done. Cant come for this years reunion will try next year. Plz everybody is invited to contact on facebook

– Aditi on 07/12/2010


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