The Effort


With several successful events since the first reunion in 2008, we have come a long way and it is important for us to carry forward the huge momentum built.

While of course, we shall strive to continue to have these events, at least annually, if not more frequent, it is important for us to ensure that this effort is not just about holding reunions. The purpose, as we have always mentioned at our reunions,is to do something more meaningful.

This however, is a very broad term and we need to formulate and have common, identifiable milestones. It may not be out of place that ASFA has made a positive beginning by sponsoring the fee of a child for a couple of years, who was brilliant in studies and required just a bit of financial assistance.

Having said that, this could include any meaningful activity as well. Contributing directly or indirectly, in terms of time or otherwise.

Through this message, I call for suggestions for activities for ASFA. Please either post your suggestions on ASFA Facebook group, linked from ASFA site, or message us directly.

Meanwhile, something which we could do on an immediate basis, is to volunteer for counseling groups for school children. Once we have formed several counseling groups, based on our expertise and experience, we would approach school. This could include medicine, science, armed forces, sports, cultural or any area, wherein we could interact with the students with an insight. For this, please message us your availability and expert area, enabling us to start the formation of these groups.

On another note, we have created discussion topics on ASFA Facebook group, to obtain feedback for the Reunion & Sports events and of course, what could or should, be in the Reunion and Sports this year, with a purpose of making it even better..

Finally, even though we requested for volunteers in the past and had received several emails, our apologies for not being able to respond to all the mails and messages then. Through this message, we once again request alumni to volunteer (even though you’d sent a message earlier) . The idea is to form a much larger think tank and working group to help take ASFA forward.

ASFA takes this opportunity to thank the Management, Apeejay Education Society and President Mrs Sushma Berlia for her support and encouragement!!

We also express our deep gratitude to Principal Dr Parul Tyagi and all the teachers and staff of Apeejay School Faridabad, for their blessings and support, without which these events wouldn’t have been possible.

This year again, we shall have the Annual Reunion and of course, the Sports activities. Dates are being worked out and shall reflect on the website and ASFA Facebook Group soon.

Meanwhile, please feel free to contact any alumni mentioned in the website for more details.

Looking forward to meet you at one of these events…..back in school…!!


Suyash Gupta

Batch 94, Kabir House

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